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Men’s Health – Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spokane & Surrounding Areas

Men's Health

At Point of Origin we serve clients in Spokane and surrounding areas who face men’s health issues such as infertility, chronic pain, insomnia, sports injuries, neck or knee problems, sexual issues and more. As practitioners of natural or traditional Chinese medicine, we understand how essential it is to uncover the “root” or underlying cause of disease or illness in the body instead of diagnosing and treating symptoms. The focus is to achieve wellness in the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through improved overall health and balance in the systems of the body it is possible to enjoy the very best health outcome.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a focus on lifestyle and environmental factors are used in natural medicine to improve almost any men’s health problem, from chronic pain or prostate problems to depression, cardiovascular disease and digestive issues often related to stress and poor diet. Modern medicine practitioners today are realizing that traditional Chinese medicine is often an effective adjunct to their own treatment, often based on treating outward symptoms rather than the actual root or cause of the problem. An integrated or “combined” approach using both traditional Western medicine treatments along with natural medicine tends to produce better outcomes, something more and more doctors are coming to realize today.

Most men don’t realize that urinary or prostate issues as they approach middle age may be related to functional disorders of the kidneys, or that nutritional changes, stress reduction, exercise, acupuncture and herbs derived from the earth can help with almost any health condition or illness even as they approach their senior years. The solution isn’t a magic pill or potion; the true path to a vibrant, healthy, energetic life is total health that encompasses the entire body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture reduces stress, promotes blood flow and balances the “qi” or energy pathways in the body, while herbs help correct underlying deficiencies that may contribute to men’s health issues. Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are also critical to feeling your best and enjoying good health. Whether your problem is infertility, prostatitis, ED, chronic pain, or urinary or other issues, we invite those in the Spokane area to contact Point of Origin now at 509-928-2777.

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