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December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

I must get better at blogging! I just forget about the whole process then I read others and I am sparked onward to begin again! Well it has been a great year at Point of Origin we are averaging 2-3 pregnancies a week now. It is amazing for women to constantly share there joy and hope of pregnancy with me. I am blessed and I really enjoy “needling to success”I feel sad for those who grow tired of the struggle after a few short weeks or even 2-3 months because acupuncture is so extremely successful. One of my patients has had a very difficult time conceiving for the last two years I have treated her on and off. Consistently for 5 months this year and now she is 10 weeks pregnant. It is very rewarding to see that happen. I treat all kinds of cases, IVF patients, young women and infertile men. The journey is a hard one full of ups and downs with frustration every month when a period shows up. There really is nothing that prepares you for that disappointment every month. The toll it takes emotionally can be overwhelming. Acupuncture can really change everything. It makes your body more responsive, it helps with the moods and the cycles. The women who see me have excellent outcomes.That means the ones that persevere become pregnant. God’s blessing really falls on and around all who see me at Point of Origin. The success is unprecedented and I love being a facilitator. I encourage the broken hearted to come and try again for awhile, lets see what can be done

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