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Thankful for November

Thankful for November

I am leaving for China on Thursday Nov 11. I have many patients going through IVF and I hope you all have the greatest sucesss and I will see you when I return.
I am excited to learn more acupuncture and herbal medicine in Shanghai. I was last there in 2005, and I learn some magical things to help patients suffering with Rheumatoid arthritis and cancer treatment.
This journey will feed my mind and be restful for my spirit. This year has been challenging and I am looking forward to greater knowledge and understanding as I spend time with masters in China.
I am also introducing an online scheduling program next week so you can now schedule your appointment from wherever you are. With my travel I thought it would be more convenient for some to access it and ensure you could get in in December.
I was featured on tthe cover of Metrowoman Magazine Spokane this month and I plan to post the article on the website by month end.
I have to run I look forward to getting back to Spokane soon and see you all soon.

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