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New Original Children’s Book!

New Original Children’s Book!

“The Five”, is a delightful tale of five animal friends falling from heaven to a new world ripe for exploration. Based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine, each animal represents one of the body’s five meridians and shares the meridian’s characteristics.

Luli, Kibla, Galliv, Hearsi, and Splesto journey along rivers, meadows, forests, and deserts. Each of the animals spends time looking for the perfect place to call home. Luli, a white bird, is the first to settle down in a grove filled with tangled trees, but soon the rest of the friends find their homes as well. With unique, hand drawn illustrations, “The Five” is a bright and vibrant read filled with creative imagery and layered meanings, and the book’s detailed descriptions of smells, tastes, and colors are sure to captivate children.

Acupuncturists will love to read and reread this story to their children (or maybe just to themselves) about the friends’ journey to find their perfect homes.

Written by Dr. Coleen Smith DAOM
Illustrated by Alaina Schreiner

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