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Well its February and time is rushing by. I have been busy helping women through their in-vitro regiments with great success. February has brought us 3 more pregnancies through natural means. It is very exciting so see more studies published that have proved the benefits of acupuncture with in-vitro. A large study was just included in the last reproductive endocrinology textbook to further Chinese medicine as inclusive treatment with ART. Acupuncture is shown to be helpful at increasing the number of births especially in the “tough cases” like advanced maternal age, high FSH levels. Exciting news for many couples trying to conceive. It is very beneficial at reducing stress also during the entire process. Well that is just fabulous news!!On another front we have been busy with all the residual pain of shovelling snow, people hurt there backs, elbows and necks through our heavy snow season. Acupuncture is amazing at resolving aches and pain. Come and see us soon don’t put it off any longer you will feel better faster!!!

Talk to you soon Coleen

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