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Fall News

Fall News

I have had an incredible September.
KREM2 News came to the office and will include Point of Origin on a Women’s Health special airing Sept 24th. I hope it goes ok but I was disappointed that I could not speak more about acupuncture regulating ovulation, increasing uterine lining and overall improving the success rate of all reproductive technology. Anyways, Last month we have had 4 pregnancies. Yahoo!!
If you are considering acupuncture, remember you do not have to believe in it, it is not for the highly suggestible, it really works even if you don’t expect it to.

Another new thing I have added this month is the DPA. This is a new technology that measures your resting heart rate and give you some information of the elasticity of your arteries. It gives an approximate age of your arteries. It is great information and helps you know if your medications are working, or if your nutrition is lacking the cost is $40.00 for this test. It lasts about 5 minutes, it is painless but you must not have caffeine for 2 hours before. Any questions just call the office at 509 928-2777

See You Soon Coleen

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