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Firstly I apologize for not being a better blogger. I need a ghost blogger because as I try to write it comes out all silly or gung ho over the top but with that being said please read on and bear with me. This year has been a blur of activity. I have been studying to become a Fellow of The American Board of Reproductive Medicine and that became a reality in March. After allot of hard work I traveled to Austin and passed the exam. I am now Board Certified!!!
My practice is getting busier with more fertility challenged couples and results have been great. More babies, are coming and hormones are balancing. IVF patients are slowly but surely hearing more about acupuncture and how it helps with their success rates and their treatments. It has been wildly successful. I have had patients with a history of frequent miscarriages have conceived and carried to term. At Point of Origin I make your treatment fit your needs, I will use a formula that is created just for you or none at all if you are undergoing allot of drug therapies during IVF cycles. Considering the outcomes that you desire and the journey you are on, acupuncture is a fantastic therapy to add to your life

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